LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile


It pays to have a solid LinkedIn profile these days because after an employer views a favorable applicant’s resume, then their next move will be to view that applicant’s LinkedIn profile, so it pays to make a good presentation on a LinkedIn profile on top of having a good resume.

If a job-seeker is to present a LinkedIn profile at all, then the profile must qualify as being “comprehensive.” A comprehensive LinkedIn profile is one that has 300 or more connections, but a proper comprehensive LinkedIn profile will also feature a Summary section that is more than 1000 characters and show job descriptions that are also more than 500 characters in length which include full paragraphs and a list of bullet points. Truth is, it is better to have no LinkedIn profile at all than to feature one which is not comprehensive in nature, so hiring a professional to design a good LinkedIn profile is a worthwhile investment for sure.

A LinkedIn profile is not a resume, so just cutting and pasting resume text into a LinkedIn profile is not a good way to use this medium. In contrast to a resume, a LinkedIn profile is meant to tell a story and present a person in a professional yet more detailed and colorful manner. Unlike a resume, a person can add a bit of more personal information to their LinkedIn profile along the lines of  Facebook profile, and a person can also add a bit of humor to a LinkedIn profile to great effect.

I have experience writing LinkedIn profiles, and it pays to have a professional such as myself develop a client’s presence on this network. I also check LinkedIn profiles against special software, so you are getting a complete package here.

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